Breast Lift

This procedure, also known as mastopexy, is a breast lift performed on women with sagging or drooping breasts. Recontouring of the breasts is provided by sculpting the breast tissue internally and removing excess skin. Increasing breast volume through breast augmentation can also be performed, if indicated.

Dr. Keusch uses techniques that have been developed to reduce the extent of the skin incisions, thereby reducing scarring. The crescent Mastopexy, donut mastopexy, or periareolar mastopexies may be used. The vertical or Lejour Mastopexy is an excellent option for contouring of breast tissue as well as skin reduction, to give a more uplifted breast. This involves a lollipop scar, and avoids the long anchor incision and scar. Mastopexy may be combined with breast augmentation as a single stage procedure.