BotoxTo most of us, laugh lines aren’t so funny. Forehead lines and frown creases also develop from our daily expressions. What can you do about them? Plenty.

A highly recommended and FDA-approved non-invasive procedure called BOTOX, or botulinum toxin, is extremely effective in producing favorable results for many of the wrinkles that add age to your face.


The wrinkles that appear are caused not just by aging and sun exposure but also by simple things such as laughing, smiling and frowning. The good news is there is something you can do about it that is pain free. BOTOX actually smoothes out the affected area by relaxing underlying muscles, thus giving you a refreshed, vibrant look.

BotoxLogoIs BOTOX right for you? Do you have frown lines? Forehead creases? Crow’s feet around your eyes? All of these wrinkle zones are great candidate sites for BOTOX.

Additionally, BOTOX has been a very effective treatment plan for conditions such as:
· eyelid spasm or eye muscle spasm
· facial muscle imbalance
· spasms of the neck muscles
· spastic muscles in patients with cerebral palsy
· migraine headaches
· excessive sweating of the palms and underarms

During your complimentary consultation with Dr. Keusch, she will determine if you will get the results you are looking for with BOTOX injections. An examination by Dr. Keusch will assess your bone structure, the texture and elasticity of your skin and the muscle activity of your upper face. Should there be a better approach to achieving the results that you want, the doctor will explain these options and answer all of your questions.

The BOTOX procedure is fast and relatively painless, allowing you to resume normal activities within the same day. This simple office procedure takes approximately ten minutes or less. No anesthesia is required. The number of injections you will need will depend on your specific condition. General guidelines for the forehead is 3-6 injections, frown lines between the eyebrows 3-4 injections, and lines around your eyes 2-3 injections per eye.

You may return to your normal schedule immediately after treatment. For the first 4-6 hours after the injections, Dr. Keusch will recommend that you avoid bending, straining or lying down. The goal is for the BOTOX to be absorbed into the muscle where it was injected. After this short time period, you have no limitations.

The effects of the BOTOX will appear within a few days. In general, you can expect the procedure to last for 3-5 months.

Dr. Keuschs’ patients are very pleased with the results of this quick outpatient procedure. To maintain your refreshed, softer appearance, you will need to see Dr. Keusch every 3-6 months for repeat treatments. Over time, your treatments may become less frequent. However, it is important to know that if you discontinue treatments altogether, your appearance will return to its earlier state.

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