Laser Pigment & Vessel Treatment

The Palomar Icon offers an optimized light skin rejuvenation treatment
that quickly and easily can remove undesirable age spots, sun damage, and
blood vessels from the face and body without surgery and with little
discomfort or downtime.

Pigmented and vascular lesions, especially sun spots, age spots, rosacea,
spider veins and capillaries, are telltale signs of aging skin. Skin
rejuvenation treatment uses light-based treatments to target and destroy
the vessels and pigmentation responsible for these lesions, leaving clients
with clearer, younger-looking skin.

The Palomar Icon offers our clients a practical and highly efficient
treatment for pigment and vessels that’s quick, non surgical, and requires
little to no downtime.

Light-based pigment and vessel clearance is FDA-cleared, so Dr.
Keusch’s clients can take comfort in knowing they are receiving a credible
treatment option for the removal of pigment and vascular lesions. More important,
clients can benefit from this non-invasive procedure that can make skin appear
clearer and younger-looking usually after just one treatment.